CRIMINALS: David Koechner from "Anchorman" Got a DUI on New Year's Eve 

David Koechner from" Anchorman" was arrested on New Year's Eve for drunk driving and hit-and-run.

He apparently started celebrating early because he was picked up around three in the afternoon after someone reported that he was driving erratically and crashed into a street sign.

David got his car towed and he rang in the New Year in a cell at the Ventura County Jail.

He was released early the next day though . . . and by the looks of it, he got his car back because he was seen yesterday at a gas station filling up. He's got a court date in March.

(David played the sports guy Champ Kind in "Anchorman", and was also Todd Packer on "The Office". Head toTMZ.comto see a photo of the damaged car at the gas station.)

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Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested for DUI after cops found him passed out in his car. 

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A Long John Silver's Customer Got Violent Over Hush Puppies

 Here's your first drive-thru fight of the year. And as always, it was over something ridiculous and trivial . . .

A 20-year-old employee was working the drive-thru at a Long John Silver's in southern Indiana on Sunday. And a woman in her 30s or 40s pulled in and tried to order a SINGLE hush puppy.

If you're not familiar, hush puppies are just deep-fried balls of cornmeal. And Long John Silver's does sell them, but not individually.

The smallest order you can get is two for $1.95. And for some reason, the woman ordering thought that was OUTRAGEOUS.

She demanded they sell her just one and yelled a racial slur. Then another woman in her car started calling the restaurant over and over, asking to speak to a manager.

When that didn't work, the passenger got out . . . walked inside the restaurant . . . trashed the place . . . ATTACKED the drive-thru worker, and kicked her in the stomach. Which was a big deal because she happens to be PREGNANT.

Luckily, it sounds like she's okay. It's not clear if the woman who kicked her knew she was pregnant or not. Cops are still trying to track her down. 

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Two Women Got Locked Out of Their Car and Trashed a Store Out of Frustration

Here's how you go from frustration to incarceration: Two women in their early 20s stopped at a Wawa store in Delaware last Monday night. And on their way out, they couldn't find their keys.

One of them is 20-year-old Ja'aonne Bell. (Pronounced Jay-ON) The other is 21-year-old Azaina Davis.

We don't know if they locked their keys in the car, or just couldn't find them. But they demanded that the employees at the store help them get the doors open.

It's not clear how they expected them to do that. But when they couldn't help, Ja'aonne and Azaina flipped out.

They damaged a bunch of merchandise and displays, then attacked an employee and a random person who stepped in to help.

Police eventually showed up, so they fought them too. Azaina also attacked a paramedic who was trying to help her.

They're both facing a long list of charges, including several felonies.

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