Secret Cats Hidden In The Design Of Houston Skyscraper

Check this out if you haven't heard about it. According to Locktopia, the Williams Tower (previously Transco Tower) has secret cat shapes hidden in it's design. When the sun is in just the right position, the angles of the building at each corner form the shape of a cat.

The article says there's debate about whether or not the cat shapes were an intentional part of the design. Some say one of the Houston landmark's designers was a big cat lover and was looking to evoke something like those old school Kit-Kat Klocks, but many believe there's no way this could be anything but a weird accident.

Check out the Locktopia story at the link above to see photos marked up to show you exactly where the cats are. If you start near the top of the building, you'll notice a large dark shape that looks like a cat's head (complete with point ears), a body, and a really long tail.

Photo: Getty Images

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