'Eve 6 Guy' Poking Fun At Himself And Dishing Dirt On Other Acts On Twitter

Eve 6 is back with their first new music in nearly a decade. The new single “Black Nova” is out now, and their five-song EP, Grim Value is due in June. The Eve 6 Renaissance actually started back in December when bassist and lead singer Max Collins took over the band's Twitter handle and started making jokes (often at his band's expense) and talking a little trash about other acts from their radio heyday in the late 90s. Vulture talked to Collins about the band's career, his "sh*tposting", and the Twitter account blowing up over the last couple of months.

Some of Collins's greatest hits on Twitter have seen him mocking his own immaturity at the time he wrote early Eve 6 hits, referring to "Inside Out" as the "heart in a blender song", making fun of Hinder, CrazyTown and Trapt, and dishing dirt on "the guy from Third Eye Blind" and "the guy from Tool".

Check out a few highlights below, plus the new video for "Black Nova".

Photo: Getty Images

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