Ticketmaster Will Require Fans To Verify Vaccination or Negative COVID Test

The news earlier this week that Pfizer is getting close to an effective COVID-19 vaccine brings us all one step closer to seeing our favorite bands live again. The current timeline could have a vaccine available to the general public by next spring or summer, which means tours and festivals could be ramping back up soon. According to Consequence of Sound, Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation are planning to be extra cautious, requiring concertgoers to either prove they’ve been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19 prior to entry.

Ticketmaster is said to be developing a verification system to uses smart phones to confirm a ticket-holder's status as to vaccination or negative COVID test within the allotted window. Under the current plan, ticket-holders would verify vaccination status using services like Labcorp or CVS Minute Clinic. Those who choose not to be vaccinated would be required to produce a negative test approximately 24 to 72 hours prior to the concert, depending on local health guidelines. This would not entail Ticketmaster storing or having access to fans' medical records. The ticketing company would get confirmation through a third-party service.

Other safety measures will include eliminating paper tickets and using a “SmartEvent” system, which will help manage social distancing, delayed entry, and provide opportunities for contact tracing if necessary.

We're still a few steps away from a solid vaccine and the FDA has not yet approved third-party data sharing of real-time vaccinations results. And all of this stuff is in the planning stages, but it's good to know the wheels are in motion to get live music back on stages.

Photo: Getty Images

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