Why Did Hayley Williams Go Off on a Former Member of Paramore?

HAYLEY WILLIAMS from PARAMORE went off on a former band member in a series of Tweets. She said quote, "There's a reason there are only 3 people left in Paramore. surprise, haters, it ain't cause of me. 

"Paramore do not condone religiously/politically dogmatic beliefs which leave our LGBTQ+ friends, fans, & family feeling abandoned and hopeless.

"And ya know, if that doesn't jive with you, well, feel free to go to where all past members of Paramore have gone which is literally anywhere else but Paramore. To Paramore's LGBTQ+ family . . . you are full of love and you are loved."

Hayley didn't say who she was talking about, but it's probably guitarist JOSH FARRO, who left the band in 2011.

In a recent Tweet, he called homosexuality a "perversion", and compared it to pedophilia.


Photo: Getty Images

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