The Average Couple Argues Over Restaurant Choices 156 Times a Year

Here's more proof that marriage is really just a never-ending debate over where to get dinner.

According to a new survey, the average couple gets into three arguments a week over what restaurant to get dinner from. That works out to 156 arguments every year.

Here are the top five things people debate: Where to order from . . . what to order . . . who's going to pick it up . . . how much food to get . . . and will you share or each get your own thing?

Each of those debates takes an average of 17 minutes to resolve. So that adds up to more than 44 hours a year.

The survey also found two out of five people say "food compatibility" is so important in a relationship that it'd be a deal breaker if they were dating someone who liked different foods than them. (The Sun)

Photo: Getty Images

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