The Average American Has Spent $126 on Outdoor Gear This Year

You spend your whole life on the couch. Then as soon as you can't go outside, it's ALL you want to do.

A new survey found the average person started getting cabin fever two months into the pandemic. So around the middle of May. And half of us were already researching SAFE outdoor activities by then.

We weren't always prepared though, and the average person has had to spend $126 on gear. Here are the top ten outdoor activities we've invested money in this year . . .

1. Camping.

2. Fishing.

3. Hiking.

4. Target shooting.

5. Riding bikes.

6. Hunting.

7. Running.

8. Rock climbing.

9. Archery.

10. Kayaking. 


A study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Everest

Photo: Getty Images

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