Godsmack's Debut Album Cover Model: What Does She Look Like Now?

Remember that striking redhead with all the piercings from the cover of Godsmack's 1998 debut album? Loudwire recently checked in on her with an update on what she's up to these days. The model's name is Toni Tiller, and the photo was actually taken in 1994 when she was a "club kid" in New York City. The photographer who snapped the photo was later working with the band, they saw it in his book, and decided to use it for the cover. She never worked directly with the band, but has met them a few times over the years.

Tiller spoke to Kerrang! back in 2018 and described her life as follows:

"Now I live in the woods, I’m bald, usually barefoot, and into a variety of stuff. Meditation, strange objects, cooking, esoteric studies, cacti, dollhouses, rugs and artsy crap. In my spare time I have a reform school for rude kittens."

Check out her Instagram account to see what her life in the woods looks like...

Photo: Universal/Republic Records

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