Adoptable Cat of The Week: Reika

Reika has been at Friends For Life for just under 2 years! She could really use a forever family. Reika is looking to be someone's one and only, and she lives a little "mrow?" when her favorite people walk past her at Friends For Life.

Because of Covid-19, their shelter is currently closed to the public, but if you're interested in Reika, you can fill out an adoption application and someone will get in touch. The application is non-committal and is good for six months after you fill it out. They'll work on making sure you're matched with a cat that's a good fit. More on Reika:

Reika is a strong, independent female cat on a mission: Finding an adult human best friend who will treat her as their no. 1. No other cats, no dogs, no children, she wants to be your one and only, so she can soak up all your attention. Reika does not crave a lot of interaction, but she would still love to see her future home filled with boxes, feather toys, toy mice and wand toys. Don’t be offended if she does not want to play with you right away, she will come out if she wants interaction. She does not like to be held, but if you are patient she will come and sit near you. If you are lucky, she will even allow you to pet her on her face. This soft and quiet cat would love to be your new best friend. Please come and meet Reika today and be ready to fall in love!

Reach out to Friends For Life to adopt or foster! And you can browse all of their adoptable cats, too.

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