Louisiana Bro Goes For Swim In Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank

Video: Bro Goes For Swim In Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank

A guy in Louisiana is going viral for jumping into a fish tank at Bass Pro Shops. 

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A Drunk Driver Is Busted After He Leaves His Car on Sesame Street

Is Elmo going to have to testify?

In a town called Seabeck, Washington that's just west of Seattle, there's an actual street called SESAME STREET.

And we're telling you about it because . . . a drunk driver crashed into a gas station and then abandoned his dented SUV on Sesame Street on Sunday morning. Then he ran into the woods, where the air is sweet.

A police dog tracked him down and he was arrested. It turns out this isn't his first DUI. According to The Count, he's had von . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five DUIs in the past 10 years.

He's been charged with felony DUI, hit and run, and driving with a suspended license. 

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(Here's the abandoned SUV on Sesame Street.)

A Guy Managed to Get Arrested Three Times in Four Days

This guy needs a different hobby.

Last Thursday, a 32-year-old guy named Devin Roberts from Bardwell, Kentucky was busted for stealing more than $5,000 worth of equipment from a city building. He tried to say he'd just found the stuff by a dumpster, but he was arrested for felony theft.

Two days later, he tried to start a fight with a male grocery store worker who confronted him for making inappropriate comments to female workers. The cops found him passed out drunk in the front seat of a running car and arrested him for DUI.

And then, the next day, he was arrested AGAIN when he was caught drinking in the passenger seat of a friend's car . . . and that violated the terms of his bond from the other arrests.

So he was arrested three times in four days and he's facing SEVERAL charges. 

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(Here's his mugshot.)

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