Hayley Williams Picks Her Top 5 Paramore Songs And Fans Have Thoughts

On Sunday (June 28), Hayley Williams finally revealed her favorite Paramore songs of all time.

The singer decided to tweet her top five Paramore songs after liking a fan's tweet ranking his favorite. With five albums under her belt it was probably difficult for her to basically choose her favorite “children” but Williams gave us her definitive list.

As it stands, Williams' ranking is the following:

1. Told You So

2. Hard Times

3. Pool

4. Rose-Colored Boy

5. Caught Myself (live) 

She also gave “honorable mentions” to “Tell Me How” (she mentioned she can't listen to the song though) and “Hate To See Your Heart Break.”

While most of her fans were excited to see her song choices, some fans had something to say about her picks as the first four come from Paramore's last album, After Laughter

“Brand new eyes just really doesn’t exist to you huh,” one fan replied while another wrote, “told you so being your number 1.... a woman of absolute good taste.”

With that, a fan asked if the Paramore singer could rank the band's songs excluding After Laughter and Williams obliged:

1. Future (live)

2. Crazy Girls

3. Fast In My Car

4. Last Hope

5. Ain’t It Fun

She added, “basically, the last 2 paramore albums are our best. nooo contest.”

Some fans still weren't satisfied that Brand New Eyes songs were missing so she also revealed her top five songs from the band's 2009 album — but the list comes with a slight twist. 

BNE top 5:

1. Anything

2. Except 

3. The

4. Only

5. Exception

So there you have it, a list of the best (and possibly the one worst?) Paramore songs straight from the band's lead singer. 

Photo: Getty Images