Comedian Chris D'Elia Accused Of Sexually Harassing Multiple Underage Girls

Chris D'Elia is trending right now and it's not for anything good. The comedian, best known for his Netflix specials and starring roles in the NBC sitcoms Whitney and Undateable, has been accused of sexually harassing multiple women when they were underage and now a number of women are sharing personal accounts of D'Elia "grooming" them, exposing himself, and soliciting nude photos and meet-ups for sex. Some have accused him of blackmailing them, threatening to ruin their lives with nude photos if they didn't keep quiet.

According to Newsweek, it started yesterday with a Twitter user named Simoné with the handle @girlpowertbh starting a thread with screenshots of alleged direct message conversations between herself and D'Elia when she was 16 in 2014. The thread quickly went viral and touched off a wave of accusations against D'Elia. The account @sheratesdogs (normally dedicated to women sharing strange messages they receive from men) began sharing a ton of screenshots of exchanges alleged to be with D'Elia.

Several of the tweets are below. The original thread is here.

D'Elia has not yet responded to the accusations.

Photo: Getty Images

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