Pearl Jam Trending After Closing Out ESPN's 'The Last Dance'

Pearl Jam is trending this morning after their song "Present Tense" was used to close out the final episode of ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance. The song, off their 1996 album No Code, plays over the final shots of Jordan talking and enjoying a cigar. The band is trending on Twitter with a moment entitled "Viewers call Pearl Jam's Present Tense the 'perfect' ending to The Last Dance" sitting at the top of the Sports tab and the song is climbing the iTunes charts ( it's at number 71 as of this writing).

If you need a refresher, check out a 2006 performance of the song inside New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre. It was part of a special 10-song set for fan club members after the guys taped a David Letterman appearance.

And below that, enjoy some highlights of fans gushing about the filmmakers ending The Last Dance with "Present Tense".

Photo: Getty Images