Social Distancing Restaurant Reopening With 50% Creepy Mannequin Guests

The Inn at Little Washington is a pricey, three-Michelin-star restaurant in Washington, Virginia. They will be allowed to reopen for dine-in service on May 29th, but at no more than 50% capacity, per Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's orders. According to an article at USA Today, and several creepy photos circulating on social media, they plan to fill half their tables with parties of well-dressed mannequins.

The idea is to comply with the social distancing rules, but also to make it feel less lonely for the human diners, addressing the visual problem of a half-full restaurant. Chef Patrick O'Connell is quoted as saying that it will be fun dressing the dummies up for dinner and that they think it will provide some fun photo opps for their guests.

What do you think? Creative solution for these strange times? Or the creepiest possible way to eat a $250 meal?

Photo: Getty Images