How You Can Help Music Venues That Are Struggling During Shutdown

It's obviously a very rough time for live music venues. According to AltPress, more than 800 venues have banded together to form the National Independent Venue Association and they’re asking for our help.

NIVA is calling on people to head to to find their representative and send a letter supporting their initiative asking for a government bailout plan for financial assistance while venues remain closed. The organization has issued a letter explaining the struggles live music venues are facing and detailing their requests.

“Our businesses were among the first to close as COVID-19 spread across the country and, unfortunately, are also likely to be among the last to reopen. Recently, leaders in both California and New York expressed skepticism about the return of concerts and live events until at least 2021, which means that in order to protect lives, our employees and artists may remain without jobs and we may be without revenue for an entire year or more.”

Read the full letter here and fill out their simple Take Action form to help the #SaveOurStages movement here.

Photo: Getty Images