Food: Heinz Is Doing Yet Another Condiment Mash-Up: MayoRacha Is Coming

Heinz Is Doing Yet Another Condiment Mash-Up: MayoRacha Is Coming

Heinz got a lot of publicity a few years ago when they released a combo of mayo and ketchup called MayoChup. And apparently that taste of fame has made them go condiment MASH-UP CRAZY.

Since then, they've done a mayo-mustard combo called MayoMust, and a mayo-barbecue combo called MayoCue. And earlier this year, they announced a honey-Sriracha combo called HoneyRacha.

It's not even on sale yet, and they've already announced their FIFTH mash-up: Mayo plus Sriracha, which they're calling MayoRacha. It should hit stores this spring. 

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Miller Lite Is Giving Everyone a Free Case of Beer on Leap Day

You know what's better than getting drunk on cheap beer? Getting drunk on FREE beer.

Miller Lite just announced that this Saturday, February 29th, they're celebrating Leap Day by giving everyone a free 24-pack of beer. You just buy the case, send them your receipt, and they'll refund the cost to you on PayPal.

By the way, this is the first time that Leap Day has fallen on a Saturday since 1992, so it's the ideal Leap Day for drinking all 24 of those beers. 

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Ash Wednesday Lent Deals Today!

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McDonald's is auctioning off a golden Shamrock Shake cup on eBay that's worth close to $100,000. 

The money is going to charity, but it's also a promo for the Shamrock Shake. It just returned to the McDonald's menu last week for the first time in three years, and it's also the 50th anniversary. It debuted in 1970. 

Here's an early commercial from 1983.

Jif or Gif???

Mornin' dude.... Happy Hump Day!

In case you haven't seen it yet, I just thought you might like to check out this cool article about Jif selling jars of their peanut butter on Amazon with a Gif label! It says it's for sale on Amazon for $10, but when I clicked the link it said Currently Unavailable blah blah blah. What's funny about the whole thing is this:

The article claims that this is supposed to "settle the great debate" on how to pronounce Gif properly (apparently the same as Jif). But if you look closely at the label on the Amazon pic of the Gif jar you will see a round seal underneath the "f" that says "HARD g pronunciation" !!!!

Seriously?!?! C'mon people! Make up yo damn minds!

Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

Anyway, I still thought it was a pretty cool article, even though people are Still going to pronounce it however in the eff they want to anyway, right?

Y'all have a good one!

Listener since day 1,

Pam in Friendswood

p.s.  I'm having sinus surgery tomorrow, so if you have time and wouldn't mind, please send up a prayer to the big guy for me! I can use all of them I can get my hands on!!

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