Criminals: Woman Driving Topless Giving Boyfriend Oral Favors Gets Arrested

Woman Arrested Driving Topless While Giving Boyfriend Sexual Favors

We sure do go overboard with birthdays, don't we? Remember when a nice card was enough?

A 23-year-old woman in Florida crashed her car this month while TOPLESS . . . after she tried to give her boyfriend sexual favors on his birthday while SHE was driving.

(Careful) We're not quite sure how that works. But the arrest report says she was driving WHILE providing him with manual and oral stimulation.

They were arguing next to their wrecked car when police showed up. And she started slapping her boyfriend when he told her to calm down.

She told cops she was topless when the crash happened because she, quote, "wanted to look sexy" for him on his birthday.

They arrested the boyfriend for resisting arrest after he refused to cooperate and wouldn't stop fighting with her. And she's facing charges for battery and disorderly conduct. 

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(Here's her mugshot and his mugshot.)

The College Admissions Scandal Has Claimed the Heir to the Hot Pockets Fortune 

Another perp in the college admissions scandal has been sentenced to hard time. Her name is Michelle Janavs, and she's the heir to the mighty HOT POCKETS FORTUNE.

Michelle paid $100,000 to help her two daughters cheat on their SATs. She also paid another $200,000 to have one of the girls set up to look like a beach volleyball recruit so she could get into USC. (Sound familiar?)

Michelle will spend five months behind bars.

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A guy in Clearwater, Florida recently took his 2003 Jeep Liberty into the shop for repairs, and they didn't get it back to him for three weeks. 

When they finally did, he found sand inside it, along with a pair of women's underwear. It had also been driven 1,000 miles, and someone racked up a bunch of parking tickets. A reporter went to the repair shop, and the owner did NOT want to talk about it. He claims the guy's either lying, or a former employee did it. But the employee can't answer questions, because he's currently facing MURDER charges

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A Guy Sets His Hospital Bed on Fire to Get the Nurses' Attention

 I guess sometimes when you're stuck in a hospital bed, the nurse call button just isn't fast enough. 

There's a 75-year-old guy named John King who was at a hospital in New Smyrna Beach, Florida for respiratory failure over the weekend. And he felt like the nurses were ignoring him when he asked them to bring him his clothes.

So, to get their attention . . . he lit his hospital bed on FIRE.

And that DID get the nurses' attention . . . mainly when the 84-year-old guy who John was sharing the hospital room with yelled to them, quote, "The [mother-effer] in here lit his bed on fire. I can't breathe."

Fortunately, one of the nurses put out the fire with a fire extinguisher and no one was hurt . . . but the bed was completely destroyed.

The staff caught John trying to escape on the elevator and held him until the cops got there. He was arrested for felony arson. 

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(Here's his mugshot.)

A Woman Tries to Hide From the Cops Inside a Gun Safe . . . and Needs to Be Rescued

We've heard of LOTS of different ways people have tried to hide from the cops. This is a new one.

Last Wednesday, the cops in Stacy, Minnesota got a call from a mobile home park about a 26-year-old woman named Jessie Knickerbocker who was banned from the property. Her parents live there, so the cops went to their home to look for her.

They asked where Jessie was, and her dad said she was safe. And he meant it literally . . . because Jessie was hiding inside of a GUN SAFE.

It was about five feet tall, 28 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. And Jessie was running out of air inside . . . and her dad couldn't get it open. It took the cops about 10 minutes to finally pry it open, and they found Jessie inside, crouching and sweating.

She was arrested for trespassing. 

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(On a related note, the cops in New York caught a woman who was hiding from them last week . . . when she fell out of the ceiling.)

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