3 Things You Must See:NewTikTok Stunt Where a Teen Slaps His Mom's Breasts?

NewTikTok Stunt Where a Teen Slaps His Mom's Breasts?

If you haven't been shocked by the Internet lately, this ought to do it. A teenager in Australia posted an eight-second clip on TikTok where he slaps his mom's breasts to the beat of"Undercover Martyn" byTwo Door Cinema Club.

It starts with them facing each other and wearing jeans and T-shirts. The song is playing in the background and when the beat picks up he matches it by smacking her breasts a couple of times. Then they both smile at the camera. 

People hated on him, so he took it down and deleted his account. But it's still out there.

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A Soccer Player Dislocates Her Knee, Then Pounds It Back Into Place

A Scottish soccer player named Jane O'Toole dislocated her kneecap during a championship game recently. But she didn't call for help. She used her open palm to pound it back into place. 

The video ends there . . . but her game didn't. She spent a couple minutes dealing with her knee, and then wentbackto play until the final whistle.

(Warning: They do a close-up of her kneecap at 0:18, and it's brutal.)

A Weather Guy Accidentally Turns On a Facebook Filter During a Live Report

A reporter in North Carolina named Justin Hinton accidentally turned on the Facebook Mystery Mask filter right before doing a live weather report last week. He's on the side of the road talking about snow when different filters start popping up. 

You see him wearing a medal, sunglasses, a helmet, cat ears, a wizard hat and beard . . . and even googly eyes. He only noticed something was up at the very end.


Baby Laughs While Eating Ice Cream For The First Time

The joy is real. Mom doesn't get it, but we kind of do.

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