This is Why Louis Vuitton Opened a Workshop in Texas

via ISM IG, 'Louis Vuitton recently announced the opening of a new Texas workshop. It's far from the first Louis Vuitton manufacturing facility outside of France and while a Texas-made bag won't exactly look like this, the move is raising questions. Will Texas-made Louis Vuitton bags have that French-heritage feel? Does it matter? We asked luxury market experts and longtime LV lovers and they don't exactly agree.'

This is straight from, 'Why did Louis Vuitton move into a small Texan town? A release from the company said it was to “meet the ever-growing demand for Louis Vuitton products in the American market.” The company also signed the Pledge to America’s Workers, a Trump administration initiative to bring “better jobs that deliver bigger paychecks” to American workers. Rolex, Volvo, and Walmart are other brands that havepledged to bring jobsto America under the initiative.

The workshop will be 256 acres, located off a county road close to Keene, which has a population of 6,300. Louis Vuitton bought the land from a Dallas surgeon and a dude ranch known as Rocking Z Ranch. The release said it would create approximately 1,000 jobs over five years; currently, the workshop has 150 employees.'

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