Check Out This Incredible Training Video of 'Arya' & 'Brienne' from GoT


Seriously stop reading if you haven't seen episode 3 of season 8.

A ton of people are complaining from the way that the battle of Winter Fell ended. Arya Stark sneak jumps on the Night King and sneakily stabs him in the chest with the Valerian steel. Here is a clip if you don't remember quite well:

In the following video, it clearly is shown why Arya Stark is more than worthy of killing the Night King. While all else failed, and the Night King was finally able to reach Bran, Arya stepped in an saved the day the best way she knows how to. Her swift and sneaky attacks are the reason why she has escaped death countless time. What do we tell the god of death? NOT TODAY. Check out the clip below:

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