Male Gynecologist dyes woman’s Va-Jay-Jay Purple As “A Joke”


This is no laughing matter. During a recent exam Barry King, a male gynecologist, decided that he would dye a female patient’s va-jay-jay purple as “a joke.” A former employee approached the doctor about a potentially cancerous lesion that she wanted to have checked. When she got home she asked her husband to also have a look and that is when they noticed that things were a bit more colorful than usual. The next day when she questioned the doctor he said he had dyed her private parts as a surprise joke for her husband.The couple was not amused and he was charged with misdemeanor harassment.

Statement from

“I was sexually objectified as a prank on my husband in hopes that his penis would be stained purple,” she told the judge at King’s hearing. “That’s disgusting.” She eventually reported the incident after confiding in a friend.


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