Dad Accidentally Gets His Face Printed on Custom Credit Card

You can see where he got the wrong idea.  You've seen those custom credit cards with a photo, right? 

Twitter user @roasted_weenie shared this story of her dad misunderstanding what the credit card company meant by a "custom photo" for his new card.  He was expecting the small driver's license-style photo he had seen on previous cards, so he submitted that kind of shot.  What he got back was a little different than what he had in mind.  His face is HEAVILY featured on his new card!

Check out the tweet below and read through the comments.  Other people chimed in, some confessing that they had accidentally done this too, others sharing fun uses they came up with for these custom images.  Someone at these banks should probably be watching more carefully what they send through to print.

UPDATE - Turns out this is a local story.  @roasted_weenie is a Buzz listener in Pasadena!

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