Henry Cavill Will Play Geralt In Netflix's "The Witcher" Series

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I stumbled across "The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt" a few years back and I've been hooked on the game ever since. I played it for hours on end and was so invested in the story lines, the game was so well made. 

When I found out that the game was based off books I was overjoyed, I bought them all and am currently reading them.

Then when I heard the news that they were making "The Witcher" into a Netflix show well, you guess it, I was ecstatic. But here's the complicated part, I love the games and the books so much Geralt has to be perfect! I'm probably going to very critical of this show. (Two things to mention about Geralt, he's hot af and he has to have that sexy voice). So to hear Henry Cavill (which let's be real is very easy on the eyes) was going to play "The White Wolf" I freaked. I'm so pumped! 

So far I've seen mixed reviews about Cavill but I have faith in him and I believe he will play a great Geralt! Now I'm excited to see who will play Yen and Ciri! 

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Had to repost these gems. All of them are from Bosslogic's account who has such a keen eye and talent for this kind of stuff. There is a capture of emotion and tone skill set there that I haven't seen often. So, very nicely done mate! Also, it's pretty cool to see what I would look like as Super Mario, Solid Snake and Geralt!! @Bosslogic #Superman #SuperMario #Geralt #SolidSnake #TheWitcher

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