MUSIC: Stone Temple Pilots Reveal New Singer + More

1. Stone Temple Pilots Reveal New Singer

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1. Dave Grohl joined Guns N Roses on stage in Tulsa, OK

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2. JOHNNY DEPP and MARILYN MANSON get it on with a pair of ladies

 in Manson's new video "Kill4Me".  



3. Hangout Festival Lineup Announced


4. Taylor Hawkins Still Drives the Same Truck 

He Has Had Since High School While Dave Grohl Has a $135,000 Tesla

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5. CHRIS MARTIN will guest star as himself on "Modern Family".  

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6. GENE SIMMONS talked to 

about power, money, and his new book which is basically about power and money.  

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7.  THE WHO is probably doing a Las Vegas residency.  

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