Firefighters Save a Man's Penis From a Dumb Position

This is the weight they removed. 

Listen we know exactly what that man was doing when his penis got stuck in a dumbbell. Use context clues lol. Firefighters in Worms, Germany freed this man. They sedated the man first, used an angle-grinder and a circular saw to remove the 5.5 pound weight. This ordeal took longer than three hours according to The Independent. 

The Worms Police Department took to Facebook in order to caution anyone who may think this is something they want to try out. “One person had a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole of a 2.5 kg dumbbell disc,” they said. “Please do not imitate such actions.”

Y'all don't do any dumb stuff like this! I'm liable to laugh and cuss you out at the same time. SMH.



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