Texas armadillo cracks open a cold one with the boys

Sometimes even an armadillo needs to cool down with a cold beer.

That was the scene Reddit user yang293 and his friends stumbled across July 23 while on a road trip from Minnesota to Texas.

While crossing the border into Texas through Oklahoma, yang293 saw this road kill off to the side.

"We drove by it at first, not really realizing what it was, until in my rearview mirror I noticed it was a dead armadillo holding a bottle of Bud Light," yang293 told Chron.com. "I put the car in reverse, and we frantically snapped a few pictures before continuing on our trip."

America's obsession with dead animals and beer seems endless. In 2016, Scottish brewery BrewDog made the news when it announced a new beer to be brewed outside of Columbus, Ohio. Each brew came packaged inside a dead rodent, Vice reported

Bud Light has long history of using animals in its marketing. In 1987, it released a commercial featuring the dog Spuds MacKenzie.

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