Sepultura with Testament at the House of Blue, Houston

Palm Sunday 2017 was a thrasher of a night this year. There’s something just right about having thrash legends Testament play ironically on this date. They brought out their friends in Sepultura and Prong along for this tour too. All of these bands started in the 1980s with most of the bands ages averaging in the 50s, but you would never be able to tell with how much energy there was at the House of Blues

Tommy Victor’s Prong was up first for a roughly 40 minute set. Many people in the crowd, including myself (got a nice thumb up when taking pictures from Tommy) wore a Danzig shirt to show support of his other band involvements. The man may be 50 but he was one of the most energetic guys on stage the whole night.  There were lots of smiles and “air Tommy” moments. The crowd really got moving during two of their biggest hits, “Whose Fist is This Anyway?” and of course “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck.” Even with the songs being over twenty-five years old, the mosh pits still went crazy. They are currently in support of their latest album, X (No Absolutes).

Ultimate Authority

Lost and Found


Cut and Dry

Another Worldly Device

Whose Fist is This Anyway?

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Sense of Ease

Up next was Sepultura. They have one of the biggest splits in fans due to different member involvements, but for as big of fuss these fans make, that didn’t seem to matter during this show. My friends, fans of the Cavalaera years, were skeptical as well, but simply put Sepultura kicked ass. The twelve long set list was made up a few new songs off their latest album, Machine Messiash, and a mix of classics. Even with the massive Derrick Green on vocals for the older songs, the floor was still moving. This guy doesn’t get enough credit for filling in tough position for over twenty years now.  The highlight of the set to me was hearing “Desperate Cry” played with such aggression. There’s something special about seeing Andres and bassist Paolo Jr. play the classics. Their current drummer, Eloy Casagrande (only 26!) is quite the site to see live too. No matter who you side with, Sepultura put on a great show and does justice to everything old and new.

I Am the Enemy

Phantom Self


Desperate Cry

Sworn Oath

Inner Self


Resistant Parasites

Refuse Resist



After not too long of break, the curtains opened to a massive set for Testament. Tons of lights, a massive riser for drummer Gene Hoglan, and lots of smoke.  Chuck Billy is always a fun front man to watch live. When he’s not commanding the crowd with his vocals, the man is playing air guitar on his lighted on mic between words. He even has his own guitar picks, one of which was thrown at me while I was taking pictures. Having been around for over thirty years, Testament made good use of their time with a seventeen song setlist. There was a slow song in this set either, it was just pure thrash with a constant circle pit through the show. I found myself right in the middle of it towards the end of the show and trying to help one poor fella crowd surf. After two failed attempts and falling on the ground, the third time was the charm. Crowd surfing isn’t for everyone. Testament are currently in support of their eleventh album, Brotherhood of the Snake.

Brotherhood of the Snake

Rise up

Pale King

Centuries of Suffering

Electric Crown

Into the Pit


Throne of Thorns


Eyes of Wrath

First Strike is Deadly


Souls of Black

Seven Seals

The New Order

Practice What You Preach

Over the Wall

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