Every Time I Die at Walter's Downtown

For those that were at Walter’s Downtown on Monday, February 13, the venue may have seemed like a sold out sweat box more than an iconic staple in Houston's music scene. 

For a pre-Valentine's Day celebration, New York’s Every Time I Die, ETID, was played an intimate show - and by 'intimate' I mean, there was no barricade and no security, so the stage also belonged to the crowd. 

When the lights went off, ETID chose a slower opening song, “Moor”, which only built up the tensions for the crowd to explode with its very slow and somber piano intro. Once the band kicked things up a notch, the crowd surfing began and I was left feeling impressed with the way the band could make the stage appear so much bigger than it actually was without missing a beat despite the constant distraction of stage divers. 

Although some singers are very protective of their mic, singer Keith Buckley had no problem sharing his with fans. The crowd was so active that even moving to the back away from all the action, I still found myself and others around me still drenched in sweat.

In classic hardcore fashion, during the last song, the majority of the crowd hopped on stage with the band. The twenty three-song setlist surprisingly went fast and was only slightly over an hour. Every Time I Die is the beer filled, rowdy night you’ve been missing out on.

Set List:

1. Moor 

2. Awful Lot

3. We'rewolf

4. Glitches

5. Wanderlust

6. The Coin Has a Say

7. Thirst

8. Decayin' With the Boys

9. Petal

10. Bored Stiff

11. Romeo a Go-Go 

12. The New Black

13. Just as Real But Not as Brightly Lit

14. Floater

15. It Remembers

16. I Didn't Want to Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway

17. Emergency Broadcast Syndrome

18. Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Battery

19. Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space

20. No Son of Mine

21. Map Change

22. Fear and Trembling

23. Indian Giver

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