Twitter Is Testing A Dislike Button

We're never getting an edit option. 👎

Twitter actually says this isn't a dislike button, but it definitely looks like a dislike button. They're calling it a downvote. But what sort of things would you downvote? That's right, you would downvote the things you dislike. We're on to you, Twitter.

The official Twitter support tweeted this about the new option:

Some of you on iOS may see different options to up or down vote on replies. We’re testing this to understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo, so we can work on ways to show more of them.

Your downvotes aren’t public, while your upvotes will be shown as likes.

[…] Some key notes about this experiment:

1. This is just a test for research right now.

2. This is not a dislike button.

3. Your downvotes are visible to you only.

4. Votes won’t change the order of replies.

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