Bad News: First UK Socially Distanced Indoor Concert Was “Not a Success”

This isn't the news we want to hear. The UK had its first socially distanced indoor concert, and it was "not a success". I'd assumed they meant the vibe was all wrong, but it turns out that they money was all wrong. The show didn't bring in enough to cover the costs, let alone make a profit.

The concert took place at London’s Clapham Grand as part of a government-backed pilot program. Only 200 people attended the 1,250 person capacity venue and everyone followed safety guidelines: arrive at staggered intervals, get a temperature check, abide by the venue’s one-way path routes, and watch the show from distanced seats. However, the show did not make enough money to cover the venue’s operating costs — and that was before the artist fee was even deducted. (Consequences of Sound)

The night's performer, Frank Turner, knew going in that it wouldn't work. He explains why he went ahead with it in a blog post, and it's really worth reading, especially if you're anxiously awaiting the return of live music. In it, he says, "This is not the start of a series of shows like this – that’d bankrupt everyone involved. But it was, as I say, a gesture of cooperation, an attempt to feel out the situation with an eye to taking steps in a better direction. But most of all it was a f*cking GIG. I have missed that, for sure. It turns out, live music really, really matters."