Legendary Jersey Punks, The Bouncing Souls Gave Houston A Night To Remember

Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey, The Bouncing Souls coined from grade-school friends that made their mark by influencing an entire community with their original, fast-paced skate-punk-Oi! sound since 1989. Not only did their music make fans want to embark on an adventurous quest for finding themselves and where they belong, but they also made way for celebrating love, hardships, and conquering life changes and adjustments. The pleasurable edge of a stereotypically irritated genre.

The band consists of founding members, Greg (vocals), Bryan (bass), Pete (guitar), and official member George (drums). All insightfully talented individuals who made a career out of following their hearts that touch others across the globe. As accomplished as they are with over 10 full-length records under their belt, they managed to reel in every generation of lovers of punk with split albums collaborated with other notable bands like Anti-Flag and The Menzingers. They also have a list of humorous and light-hearted tracks such as “These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80s Movies, ““I Like Your Mom,” and “Bullying The Jukebox.”

Not to disregard how The Bouncing Souls released a 6-song EP and collector’s book entitled, Crucial Moments in 2019--which is a musical equivalent of a personal scrapbook of their 30 years as a band. Note that these humble punk-rock icons never left fans longing for more until just before their highly anticipated twelfth record, Ten Stories High. Perfect timing for the band to grace their fans, aged and new, with frequent tours and content. Celebrate The Bouncing Souls with us as we witness not only their balancing of fatherhood and entrepreneurship, but the affect their supporters have on them as they amount to greater things imaginable.

Watch my interview with the band and learn how Zoom calls with their fans sparked ideas for their new album, Ten Stories High, which is available NOW!

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