Up-and-Coming Reggae Artist, ANORA, Earns #1 Song With Stick Figure

Discovering a new artist to listen to can turn a bad day into motivational empowerment. Like singer/songwriter, ANORA, rising into the reggae charts was no cake-walk, but a piece of a promising future in the music industry. With Cuban and Caribbean roots, her soulful yet mighty vocals kick in an array of influences that created a home that placed her music in the grounds of the reggae scene.

Having such a deep connection with any and all music, it led to ANORA experimenting with versatile sounds in the early stages of her career. "A lot of my writing is autobiographical or inspired by friends' influences," she said in the interview. Her first solo reggae tune, "Mama," an ode to the champion in her life, was released just months after her soft R&B single, "Lovely," a song for her husband.

It's refreshing to most ears to hear something stripped down to the core of genuine emotion, and ANORA is the one who can bring it.

Though she is navigating life as a new mom, she managed to compose a song that got the attention of reggae dub artist, Stick Figure and Walshy Fire of Major Lazer called "Love Me Easy." The story she told about how it all happened will give you the fever of determination to believe in yourself.

Meet ANORA and watch the interview here!

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