Houston Punk Rock Legends 30footFALL Talks New Music, Celebrating 30 Years

It’s the holiday season and that means a 25th annual Christmas show with well-known local band, 30footFALL! The band consists of Butch (vocals), Chris (guitar), Jason (guitar), Rubio (bass), and Brian (drums). After playing these shows since 1994, this year they were accompanied on stage with other notable Houston bands such as Idiginis (roots-rock-reggae band), Tricie and The Phantom Punks (horror punk), and Fuska (death ska).

This long-standing tradition is held dear to the punk rock community, and with open arms, anyone new to the scene was welcomed for a celebration of the mind-blowing comeback that was well awaited. Not only does 30footFALL provide unforgettable experiences for their fans, but they also manage to do so just before their bedtime alarm.

Earlier this year, the band also played a set for an annual festival curated by local DIY venue, House of J called JFest, and was held at another local DIY venue, Trip Six, for one of the festival days.

“As far as the punk scene now, I don’t know anything about it except for that when we were at Trip Six [for JFest 5], that was the funnest show we’ve played in a long time and the energy at that venue, with that group of people—everybody there was just being who they were,” Butch stated.

Rightfully so, 30footFall could not stray away from creating fresh new tunes, as well as releasing tracks not even their die-hard fans know about. With that in mind, enjoy hearing this exciting interview in depth about what’s new with the ‘ol crew!

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