Fea: A Chicana Punk Rock Band in the Melting Pot of Texas

We were all young at some point imagining what it would be like to play on stage, or tour with our heroes. Fea, a San Antonio-based high energy punk band, talked with me about their experiences, how they get along, their role in the POC punk and Riot Grrrl music scene, and the insane opportunities they’ve encountered in their 7-year journey educating and expressing what Chicana punk is.

Loads of successful bands initially progress with the intent of operating as a “business”, but not this 4-piece. Letty (vocals), Phanie (drums), Adrian (guitar), and Jenn (bass) have collectively fueled their passion with freedom to pursue happiness playing music together.

“We started [Fea] for fun not knowing it was going to be as serious as it’s getting. I think with this project, when we go on the road it’s just fun. We don’t feel stressed out,” said Phanie.

Their earned reward for staying true to their fury gained them not only the privilege to be signed to the notable, Blackheart Records, but a recent tour with L7, and their recent news—playing one of the biggest punk rock festivals, Punk Rock Bowling in Summer of 2023. There, they will be playing with more legends with the likes of The Exploited, Rancid, Bad Religion, L7, Dropkick Murphys, and many more!

Watch this full interview below to get to know Fea and find out how you can listen and support their music!

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