Good News: Woman Finds $36k In Craigslist Couch…Returns It + Gets A Reward

Woman Finds $36k In Craigslist Couch…Returns It and Gets A Reward

After moving into a new house in California, Vicky Umodu got two sofas and a matching chair that were listed for free on Craigslist. Once she got them home, she noticed that something was inside one of the sofa cushions; she pulled it out and found envelopes that had $36k in cash inside.

What would you do? Umodu immediately contacted the family she got the furniture from and returned the money…and they gave her $2,200 as a reward. She told the press that she “was not expecting a dime,” and the money will go towards a new refrigerator.

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Massachusetts City Gives $1K Scholarships To Grads Going To College

The city of Malden, Massachusetts, is giving $1-thousand to every graduating senior in the town who is going to college. On Tuesday night at the Malden High School Senior Awards, the mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson, announced a new scholarship. Christenson told the members of the graduating class of 2022 that every single one of them that is heading to college is going to get $1-thousand from the city.

Malden is using money they received through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which was meant to help cities address the negative impacts of COVID-19. "Our students who are graduating in 2022 have endured the brunt of the COVID-19 health crisis,” a press release from the mayor’s office states. “From remote learning to lost earnings opportunity during the pandemic, the impact has been real.”

Christenson says some communities used the ARPA funds to lower taxes, but they’re choosing to support the city’s future instead. And the money doesn’t just go to Malden High grads; graduating seniors from local charter and vocational schools will also qualify for the scholarship.

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ICYMI: Shaq Gifts Special Fan His Watch At NBA Game

While taking in an NBA game, Shaq takes some time to meet a special fan and give him the watch off his wrist. On May 26th, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal was at the Chase Center in San Francisco watching the Golden State Warriors play against the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals when he decided to take a minute to recognize a special fan.

In a video Shaq posted on Instagram, he says, "I'm about to do something special. I'm 'bout to give a fan this," then he flashes his limited edition Invicta SHAQ watch. Then in the next video, a man wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey is walking toward his seat and stops to talk to Shaq, who’s leaning over the railing above the walkway.

Shaq greets the man with a handshake and says, “I have a present for you.” He then takes off his watch and gives it to the surprised man. "Shaq, you don't know, but you are my favorite," the man can be heard saying. The man is on the verge of crying, but then he points up to Shaq and says, "It's not the watch. It's you, Shaq. I love you, man."

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Wrongly Convicted Man Wins Freedom After 14 Years

A Michigan man who spent the last 14 years in prison for an armed robbery he says he didn’t commit, has his case dismissed and is set free. Earlier this week, Ronnell Johnson walked out of the Washtenaw County Jail after spending the last 14 years incarcerated. In 2008 he was convicted of robbing a Ypsilanti Township car wash and was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.

Johnson, who always maintained his innocence, was convicted — in large part — based on the testimony of his father, who received a plea agreement in an unrelated crime in exchange for his testimony. This withholding of evidence from the defense was determined to be a violation of Johnson’s constitutional rights and is what led to his release. Court records indicate that Johnson didn’t have a relationship with his father.

When Johson, now 35 years old, was finally released, he celebrated by going to a Chinese restaurant with his mom, sister, and lawyers. Other exonerees showed up to the restaurant to congratulate him. He also got a chance to see his 16-year-old daughter, who grew up without her father. Johnson is ready to move on with his life and says he doesn’t harbor any anger about what he’s been through after working it out over the years. “I don’t have one piece of angry bone in my body,” he says. "I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart."

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Flagship FRIENDS Experience Opens in NYC

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