Guy Tries to Pay Tab With a Rock-Threatens to Blow Up the Place When Denied

Our society doesn't really work on the barter system . . . people expect you to pay with money, not interesting trades. But even if we WERE, no one would take this deal.

24-year-old Jared Simpson went to a bar in Tallahassee, Florida last week, and drank $10 worth of Bud Light. Then when it came time to pay, he tried to pay with a ROCK.

When the bartender told him they didn't accept rocks as payment, he flipped out.

He stormed out of the bar . . . came back with a briefcase . . . started speaking in tongues . . . and said anyone who went near the briefcase would DIE. Then he took out a phone, pressed the buttons, and ran across the street.

So people ran out of the bar, thinking it was a bomb. Fortunately, it wasn't . . . it was just an empty briefcase.

The police arrested Jared for bomb threats, hoax weapons of mass destruction, and theft . . . for the beer. He told them he was in Tallahassee, quote, "to party with the Rainbow People in the national forest."

Photo cred: Tallahassee Police Department

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