The TheresaRockFace Holiday Gift Buying Guide That Doesn't Suck ...

The Bob Ross Mug: 

Buy it on Amazon  A painting appears when hot liquid is poured into it! I LOVE THIS! 

Nick Cage Sequin Pillows:



The replica KURT COBAIN Smells like Teen Spirit T-Shirt! SHOP IT HERE

For the MAN in your life: 

Sex Panther Cologne: As seen on Anchorman ... BUY IT NOW

Specialty Craft Beers: 


Motörhead Rum just came out Dec 1st! As with every beverage we develop, it’s been a hands-on affair with no detail left unchecked. Quality, craftsmanship and a total no bull-attitude has defined all releases, and our Motörhead Premium Dark Rum is not treated differently. Official release date is December 1st and first out is the Swedish monopoly with distribution in 360 shops from north to south. For details about other markets please send an email to

Homesick Candles

Are you a transplant? Travel alot? Burn your state candle to get over the feels of being homesick! They arew designed to trigger memories and emotions. 


The company is FIre Department Coffee, Run by firefighters! 10% of proceeds from every order goes towards supporting ill or injured firefighters and first responders. It’s great coffee for a great cause. Together, we’re helping take care of our nation’s heroes, one cup at a time.

DearlyBeloved Candles

These are on a new level of WICKED! Plus you are supporting small businesses. Check out link ...

Gifts for Co-Workers: 

The IT Guy would like the HTML BEER GLASS

Computerized CocktailsGive your favorite coder an HTML-inspired happy hour with this geek-approved glassware. Simply pour in your beer and watch it fill the < body >, then (as long as you go easy on the foam), see the < head > find its rightful spot. Glasses made in New Jersey and printed in Edina, Minnesota.

The Dear Assholes Book

Jammin' Johns

If you’re into music, we mean REALLY into music, then you’ll get a kick out of this offbeat bathroom fixture. Jammin’ Johns toilet seats made by Marvin Maxwell who once created a guitar from a toilet lid realized the idea worked just as well in reverse. If you think you might want a guitar or piano toilet seat you’re in good company—the list of clientele includes Steven Spielberg, Willy Nelson and Dolly Parton!

 Catnip Joints: 

Legal in all 50 states! Choose either a set of 3 or a set of 5 catnip joints, for recreational use only. Contains 100% premium catnip, no fillers, just leaves and buds. Toss them like little prey and watch your cats play. Each joint is hand filled, then rolled and sealed in a cloth wrapper. Made in the USA. Each set is packaged with a color card, making catnip joints a great gift for your favorite feline.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

If you want to kick back with a drink and watch the in-flight movie, you’re relegated to macro lagers and shots of alcohol. That is, of course, unless you bring your own mixologist aboard the aircraft. We’re not advocating booking an extra seat just so someone can make you a proper old fashioned; we’re advocating packing a Carry-On Cocktail Kit. 

These kits include all the things you need—minus the tiny bottle of booze you procure from the flight staff—to whip up a cocktail at 35,000 feet. Each kit contains enough ingredients to make two drinks. Choose from an Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, or Margarita—or have yourself a party and order all four, though we accept no responsibility for your actions should you do so.

Lobster By Mail:

 Need I say more?! You want to talk about an Amazing gift ... 

The Selfie Toaster!

For each custom image you order, you get two identical stainless steel stencils. (It's a two slice toaster.) Yes, you can have two faces each on a slice! This is AWESOME! 

Record Bowls

There are a lot of people that make these. This account on Instagram had good turnover and good quality. You can even check out their website at

For the VAPING Headbanger: 

Gwar E-Juice

For a bunch of ancient aliens who spent majority of their lives trapped under ice in Antarctica, Gwar never skip a beat when it comes to what’s trending. Back in 2014, the band teamed up with Mt. Baker Vapor to release their own signature series of E-Juice. The product has been doing well as the vape craze sweeps America, so naturally, it is still available through various vape oil distributors. 

The Too Much Metal Tree Ornament: There is a LOT of wicked TOO MUCH METAL MERCH! check them at link ... 

The Pantera Holiday Sweater

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