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Fiancée Admits To Sleeping With 16K Dudes, But Marriage Is Still On

Let’s say you’re dating someone, things get more serious, and eventually, you start talking marriage.

What shocking bit of news would cause you to turn tail and run in the other direction? What about finding out your partner had banged 16K people? That’s what Ashley Clark Huffman revealed to her fiancée…and the wedding is still moving forward.

Huffman uses her forum on TikTok to share her past as a sex worker.

For 20 years, she shared herself with just about anyone who was willing to fork out a nominal fee for the services she provided. She shared that fun fact with the woman she’s engaged to and was happy to report that she’s loved for who she is today, and not condemned for what she’s done in her past.

Over the past few months, Huffman has used her social media presence to warn others who might be considering sex work about some of the pitfalls.

In two decades of boning-for-cash, Huffman says she’s suffered from PTSD, night terrors, decreased sex drive, and intimacy issues. Then, there’s the regret of possibly “breaking up happy marriages” and “disrespecting herself.” That said, she seems to have found a happy place with someone who loves her for who she is, and who she’s trying to be.

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