Crazy Crimminalzzz: Lyft Driver Rampage, Robber Hides at Strip Club, More

Wild Video! Lyft Driver Takes Customers on a Chase

A Lyft driver in Virginia got rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver, and refused to let his passengers out while he chased them down. So they called 911. Meanwhile, he ran a red light got hit by another car and HE didn't stop. So police arrested him for a hit-and-run. And since he refused to let the passengers out, they tacked on kidnapping charges. The couple in the backseat livestreamed the whole thing.

A Guy Gets Prison Time for Robbing a Bank on a First Date and Forcing His Date to Be His Getaway Driver

A few years ago, a woman in Massachusetts went on a first date with a guy she'd met online and he ROBBED a BANK on their date and made her be his getaway driver. He was just sentenced to five years in prison, and the woman managed to avoid any charges.

Here's an important Valentine's Day reminder: No matter how many bad first dates you've had in the past it could be worse.

Back in December of 2016, a 40-year-old woman named Shelby Sampson from Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts matched with a 33-year-old guy named Christopher Castillo on a dating app. He lived about 30 minutes away and asked her to pick him up from his parents' house. That wasn't enough of a red flag, I guess, so she picked him up and he drank wine in her passenger seat. Then he asked her to stop at a bank. But she didn't know it was because he was going to ROB it.

A few minutes later, he came running out holding a GUN and $1,000 in cash and told her to drive. She says she, quote, "panicked" and drove away with him . . . but she pulled over immediately when she saw cop cars behind her. Christopher was arrested, and was sentenced earlier this week to five years in prison. Shelby managed to avoid any charges or jail time. 

(Sun Chronicle

A Guy Robbed a Taco Bell Then Tried to Hide Out in a Strip Club

A guy in New York robbed a Taco Bell on Tuesday then tried to hide from the cops across the street in a strip club. But they found him there three minutes later and arrested him on two felony counts. And in his mugshot, he's wearing a Hooters T-shirt. Not going to lie, this sounds like my ideal night out. Minus all the crime stuff. There's a 34-year-old guy named Paul Rostick from Watervliet, New York. And on Tuesday around 7:30 P.M., he ROBBED a Taco Bell. He threatened to kill the cashier and pulled the register off the counter and got away with $340.

Then Paul ran across the street to a STRIP CLUB called Nite Moves to hide out. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't a very good hiding place. The Taco Bell employees called the cops, and they found Paul THREE MINUTES LATER inside the strip club. He was arrested for two felonies: Robbery and criminal mischief.

Oh, and in his mugshot, he's wearing a Hooters T-shirt. (Syracuse Post-Dispatch

Teenage girl steals cop car to join boyfriend in jail

Back in 2017, a cop in New Mexico found a drunk 16-year-old girl lying on the side of the road, and put her in the back of his squad car. And while he was talking to her mom outside, she jumped in the front seat, drove off, crashed it, and broke her femur. 

Now she's suing the cop and claims it's his fault for leaving her in the car alone. Here's audio from the incident. She kept saying she wanted to go to jail, because her boyfriend was there.