Food: Cheetos' Secret, McDonald's Adult Cream Pies, Oreo Most Stuf Returns

In Cheetos News...

The makers of Cheetos posted an Instagram video where Chester Cheetah reveals the official name of that orange dust that gets all over your fingers when you eat them.

Nabisco is bringing back their "Most Stuf" Oreos with an insane amount of filling. 

And you can enter to win $100,000 if you vote for your favorite amount of filling at

For the First Time in 25 Years, Wine Drinking in the U.S. Went Down Last Year

We all still love getting drunk but HOW we're getting drunk is changing. Last year, wine drinking in the U.S. went down by almost 1%. That's the first time in 25 YEARS that wine drinking went down, not up. Beer drinking went down for the fourth straight year, dropping 2.3%.

But overall, we drank MORE last year than we did in 2018, and spent more on booze. So what replaced beer and wine?

Hard liquor and hard seltzers.

The "big five" liquors whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, and gin were up a total of 2.3% last year. And hard seltzers went up almost 50% so yeah, there's where all your wine and beer drinkers went right there. 

Full story via USA Today

You can get one of the famous Popeyes chicken sandwiches for FREE if you order at least $20 worth of food from Popeyes on DoorDash. 

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Jelly Belly Is Releasing a New Line of Flavored Sparkling Waters

I guess if you're good at making artificial flavors, you might as well do everything you can with them. The latest company to get in on the trendy sparkling water game is Jelly Belly. They're going to release a line of non-alcoholic, zero-calorie sparkling waters in March with eight of their famous jelly bean flavors.

The flavors are: French vanilla, lemon lime, orange sherbet, pina colada, pink grapefruit, tangerine, cherry, and watermelon. Wow, buttered popcorn was robbed. 

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McDonald's Is Now Selling "Adult Cream Pies" in Japan

I'm not even gonna try to make a joke about this, because I'll just get in trouble. McDonald's is selling a new menu item in Japan. And the translation in English is NOT safe for work. They're called "Adult Cream Pies."

In Japanese, the name is, "Otona No Cream Pie." And "otona no" literally means "adult" in English. It doesn't sound dirty over there though, because it's a term normally used to describe sweet foods that aren't TOO sweet. They have a different word for adult entertainment stuff. So only English speakers think it's funny. In the new ad, a young Japanese woman asks an older lady if Adult Cream Pies are, quote, "really delicious." And she responds by saying, "If you eat it once, you'll be filled."

They come in two different flavors: Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Cheese. 

Full story via SoraNews24

A restaurant in Utah is facing some backlash for serving kangaroo burgers as their exotic meat of the month. 

The manager says they ordered the meat from Australia before the fires started, and they thought about delaying. But they had hundreds of pounds of meat and nowhere to store it.

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