Food: A 6 Pound Avocado in Hawaii Might Be a World Record Holder

A 6 Pound Avocado in Hawaii Might Be a World Record Holder

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Study Shows How Much People in Different Cities Spend on Takeout and Houston Ranks in the Top 20

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Food Truck in New Orleans is Making Burgers With King Cake for Buns


Sonic is Now Selling Fried Oreos

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New Research Says Tequila Might Be the Key to Help You Shed Those Lbs.

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A Company Is Planning to Sell Coffee Beans That Were Heated in Space

 Well this sounds expensive.

 There's a company called Space Roasters.  And they're planning to sell you INTERGALACTIC COFFEE BEANS.

They're going to send coffee beans into SPACE and the beans will be roasted when they make re-entry to Earth.  Their theory is that since the beans will be floating in that zero gravity environment, the extreme heat of re-entry will roast them perfectly evenly.

They're going to start taking pre-sale orders in a month and there's no word on how expensive these beans will be . . . but it's going to be high.

If the coffee bean payload hitches a ride on one of the commercial space companies that's operating right now, it will cost millions of dollars for Space Roasters to get their beans roasted.

The website Ars Technica did the rough calculations, and they estimated the coffee will cost between $200 and $500 PER CUP.  

 And on the "super expensive coffee" front, an alarm clock that wakes you up by brewing you a cup of coffee is now on sale . . . for $445 

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North Korea just launched an edible clothing line that people can eat to, quote, "avoid starvation."  

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In case You Missed It!

Reynolds Wrap Created a Human Feedbag That Lets You Strap Your Snacks to Your Body

I'm not sure what's worse:  That a major company thought people would want to STRAP a FEEDBAG full of snacks to themselves . . . or that people were like, "Yes, we DO want that"?

Reynolds Wrap just unveiled a new product called the Hunger Harness yesterday.

It's a silver harness you wear on your chest with several thermal and insulated pockets for holding different snacks and keeping them warm.  And it also has a little fold out tray and a drink holder.  So it's perfect for the Super Bowl.

They say it should hold enough snacks that you can go, quote, "all four quarters plus the halftime show without taking a break."

 They put them on sale for $5 and . . . they sold out immediately.  But don't worry, they say they're producing more soon. 

You can keep an eye out for them at   

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