3 Things You Must See: Bus Driving Texting More Than Driving + More

1. A Bus Driver Who Is Texting More Than Driving

Somebody posted video of their bus driver in Mexico City, and he's texting more than he's driving. The video is almost two minutes long and he spends most of that time with his hands off the wheel and on the phone.


2. Tourist is Costa Rica Stops to Help a Sloth Cross the Road Safely

Watch here.


3. A Cyclist Has a Dangerous Standoff With an Angry Rattlesnake

A cyclist got stuck in some deep sand on a trail, and then realized he was inches away from a live rattlesnake. He was able to get off the bike and pull out his phone without getting bitten. The video starts as he and the snake are having a standoff.


4. A Proposal Prank in a Crowded Courtroom

This happened last month, but the video is making the rounds now. A Mississippi probation officer was totally surprised when her boyfriend walked into the courtroom in shackles and handcuffs, and wearing a prison-type jumpsuit.

She thought he was arrested and had no idea he was about to propose. Obviously, the judge was in on the prank. He let the boyfriend begin his "confession" and it was filled with marriage and courtroom clich├ęs.

Stuff like, "I'm guilty of being madly in love with the girl of my dreams" and "I'm ready for my life sentence."

He gets down on one knee at 1:37


4. Someone Wearing a Popcorn Bucket as a Motorcycle Helmet

A driver on a busy street in Brazil posted video of two people on a motorcycle right in front of him. And the person on the back of the bike is wearing a popcorn bucket as a motorcycle helmet.


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