Crazy Criminalzzz: Woman Falls Through a Restaurant Ceiling + More

1. A Woman Falls Through a Restaurant Ceiling, While People Are Eating

A woman high on meth fell through the ceiling of a restaurant in California on Sunday. The place was open and she went in to use the restroom, and then somehow made her way into a crawlspace in the ceiling.

The other customers in the restaurant knew she was up there, which is why they started recording. She wasn't seriously hurt.

She falls at 0:40, and then the video switches to her asking the paramedics to leave her alone


2. Ex-Cypress Springs teacher gets 8-year sentence for having sex with 15 year old

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3. A Guy Was Hired on Thursday, Fired on Sunday and Tried to Kill His Boss Two Hours Later

A guy in Florida was hired at a company on Thursday but he got fired three days later for throwing around supplies. And two hours after that, he tried to KILL his boss. Fortunately all five bullets missed, and he was arrested for attempted murder.

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4. A guy in San Antonio threw an ax at a moving train last week. 

Then it bounced off and hit him in the head. 

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5. A 45-year-old guy in England recently faked

 his own kidnapping to get $100 in ransom money out of his girlfriend, so he could go drink with his friends. Then he went to jail and missed the birth of their child because of it. But she says they worked it out, and she's decided to forgive him. 

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