3 Things You Must See: Guys Cracks Walnuts On Head, Breaks Record + More

1. A Guy Breaks the Record for Most Walnuts Cracked with His Head

A guy in India set a Guinness World Record for cracking walnuts with his head. He cracked 217 in one minute. The previous record was 181.


2. A Tame Lion Climbs Into a "Safari" Vehicle

There's a "safari park" in Crimea where you can get uncomfortably close to tame lions that are NOT in cages. Somebody posted a video of the place and it shows a massive male lion climbing INTO a safari vehicle that's filled with tourists.

It looks like all he wants is for someone to pet him, and everyone tries to accommodate. Did I mention he's a full-grown male lion?


3. A Shepherd Tries to Defend Himself From a Drone

It's not clear where this happened, but it's definitely a remote place where drones aren't very common. A shepherd is out in his field, and when he sees a drone coming his way he starts swinging at it, as if he's under attack.

He looks frightened and seems to have no idea what's buzzing above him.

Watch here.


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