Crazy Criminalzzz: Botched Robbery Attempt, Dropped Gun & Pants + More

1. A Guy's Botched Robbery Attempt Includes a Dropped Gun, and His Pants Falling Down

Security video from an e-cigarette store in Colorado filmed a robber pulling a gun, and then immediately fumbling it, and DROPPING it on the other side of the counter.

The clerk picks it up, so he takes off running and then as he gets outside his pants fall to his knees. Turns out it was an airsoft gun, which can hurt you, but they're not lethal.


2. A transgender guy in Scotland

 just got three years in prison for tricking women into having sex with his fake prosthetic when they thought it was the real deal. 

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3. A Guy Is Seriously Injured While Breaking Into a Zoo to Steal a Monkey for His Girlfriend 

A 23-year-old guy in New Zealand recently broke into a zoo to steal a monkey for his girlfriend. But he fell while trying to scale a fence, and ended up with a broken leg, a sprained ankle, and two busted teeth.

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4. The Coast Guard stopped a party boat near Miami last month, 

because the owner was renting it out without a permit. And when they tried to board, he sprayed SEWAGE at them. 

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5. A 52-year-old woman in South Carolina 

is facing murder charges for poisoning her husband. And police now think that when she shot him with a CROSSBOW in his sleep two years ago, it might NOT have been an accident. 

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6. A woman in Florida is being investigated for giving

 her three-year-old son a swirlie as a punishment. And her older son filmed it for her. She says it was a joke and the boy was laughing, but the video says different.


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