Crazy Criminalzzz: Guy Takes Down a Large Thief with One Punch + More

1. A Guy Takes Down a Large Thief with One Punch

This happened back in June, but it's making the rounds now. Somebody in Santa Ana, California took cell phone video of a very large guy in a parking lot, and he's loading up his car with stuff he just stole from a grocery store.

Employees are trying to stop him, but he's yelling and threatening them. Then some random guy comes up and takes him out with one punch.

It happens at 0:14


2. Cops Pull Over Teens for Doing the "In My Feelings" Challenge

Some teens in Tulsa, Oklahoma got out of their car to do the "In My Feelings" Challenge, and were pulled over by a squad car in the next lane. Somebody in traffic behind them got it on dashcam video.


3. A TV Meteorologist Beat Up a TV Anchor Who Accused Her of Flirting with Her Husband

A news anchor at the NBC station in Charleston, West Virginia got into an argument with the meteorologist at a bar last week when the anchor accused her of flirting with her husband. The meteorologist shoved the anchor and fractured her SKULL. She was arrested for battery.

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4. A woman says a man was pleasuring himself 

next to her on a long flight, and United Airlines offered her a whopping $75 in "hush money." 

Full Story


5. Thieves Break Into a Shoe Store and Steal 13 Right-Footed Shoes

Some idiots in Virginia have broken into a shoe store twice this summer and taken a bunch of shoes. But almost all of them were display shoes that were RIGHT-FOOTED.

Read more here.


6. A Burglar Is Caught When His Getaway Truck Gets Stuck in a Huge Pile of Manure

A burglar in Minnesota was busted when he drove into a huge pile of MANURE and his truck got stuck. Then when he tried to run away, he sank into the manure and his shoes came off deep in the pile. He was arrested for burglary.

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