3 Things You Must See: Kitten Poops All Over Little Girl + More

1. Your commute could be worse. 

A woman shot cell phone video as her family was driving home with their new kitten, RIGHT AFTER it pooped on their young daughter. The girl cries and says, "Stop crapping on me."

Meanwhile, the mom is laughing her head off, and the dad keeps repeating, "Don't move, don't move" because poop on the daughter is bad, but poop on the seats and floor of his car is even worse.


2. A reporter in Boston was covering a small plane crash yesterday,

and must have gotten pranked by the pilot. He told her it was caused by a defective "flux capacitator" like the "flux capacitor" from the time-travelling DeLorean in "Back to the Future".

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3. Stupid Jeans Alert: Inside-Out Jeans Are Here

One day, big fashion companies are going to stop this trend from the past few years of producing the STUPIDEST jeans they can think of. That day is not today.

The latest dumb jeans come from a company called Unravel Project and they're INSIDE-OUT JEANS. And yes, they basically just look like a pair of jeans turned inside-out. Also they have mesh tights dangling from them for some reason.

If you want them they're "on sale" now for $475. Or, you know, you could just turn a pair of your own jeans inside-out for free. 

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4. A Toddler Pulls His Mom's Wig Off and Freaks Out

A mom filmed her toddler tugging on her wig until he pulled it OFF her head.  He has no idea what just happened and is a little freaked out. 

He tries to give it back to her, and then tries to put it back on her head but she just sits there laughing at the whole thing.


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