Crazy Criminalzzz: Lamest Attempt to Arrest a Shoplifter + More

1. Must See Video: Is This the Lamest Attempt to Arrest a Shoplifter You've Ever Seen?

Two plain clothes "loss prevention officers" in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one male and one female, were filmed completely bungling their attempt to handcuff a female shoplifter. She keeps wriggling away, and even gets the guy in a headlock.

She eventually breaks free and takes off running into the mall and was arrested later.


2. Teacher allegedly had trysts with two boys at school

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3. A Guy Posed As the Ghost of His Ex's Mother to Try to Win Her Back

A guy in England wanted to win back his ex-fiancée last summer, so he wrote her a letter, pretending to be the ghost of her dead mother, telling her to get back together with him. But she saw through it, and it violated her restraining order against him so he was sentenced to four months in prison.

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