3 Things You Must See: Grandma Riding In Truck Bed In Wheelchair + More

1. A guy driving down the highway recently came across a grandma

 sitting in a wheelchair, riding in the back of a pickup truck. Tied down with straps like a dirt bike. He called it "Redneck Uber."


2. "Sesame Street" did a parody of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

 opening music, all about how Bert and Ernie became roommates.


3. A Guy Got His Finger Stuck in a Sex Toy Vending Machine

A guy in China tried to buy a sex toy out of a vending machine on Sunday night, but it didn't come out. So he stuck his finger into the machine and it got stuck. The fire department wound up having to come cut him free.

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4. Puppy Gets Mad at the Tide For Ruining His Hole He Dug on the Beach


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