3 Things You Must See: Groom Removed the Garter From Brother + More

1. A Groom is Pranked Into Removing the Garter From His Brother's Leg

A bride pranked her new husband by having HIS BROTHER take her place during the garter removal. The husband agreed to be blindfolded, which is why he didn't know what was going on until it was too late.


2. INSANE Video Shows an 18-Wheeler Pushing a Mercedes Down the Freeway in San Antonio

Watch here.


3. Turns Out That Very Human-Looking Robot is Fake

You may have seen a video over the weekend of a very human-looking robot walking up a driveway. It moved so realistically that it was freaking people out.

Well, we can all relax because it's not even a real robot. The image was created using computer graphics.



4. This "Real-Life" Homer Simpson Rendering Will Give You Nightmares and Matt Groening Reacts To It

Read more here.


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